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  • gingerol In addition to identifying novel macrophage


    In addition to identifying novel macrophage-mediated regenerative signalling pathways, increasing macrophage numbers in the injured heart may yield salutary results. As cTMs are anti-inflammatory and modulation of inflammation by MSCs or other mechanisms improve cardiac repair, cTM transplantation or expansion in situ may be therapeutically beneficial following injury. Moreover, strategies to reverse age-dependent changes in cTM gene gingerol (Pinto et al., 2014), particularly in the epicardium, may improve inflammatory signalling profiles in response to injury or stress.
    Acknowledgments This work is Stringent replication supported by Stem Cells Australia, a grant (DP130100294) from the gingerol Australian Research Council and a Grant-in-Aid (G 12M 6627) from the National Heart Foundation of Australia. The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is supported by grants from the State Government of Victoria and the Australian Government. N.A.R. is an NH&MRC Australia Fellow.